Social Welfare

A sense of social responsibility

The G & A Mamidakis Foundation is firmly committed to helping our fellow human beings. Respecting this commitment and being aware of the additional needs being created by the current crisis, the Foundation is taking initiatives that concern individuals, the local community and society as a whole, focusing primarily on the society of Agios Nikolaos and Crete.

We are taking concrete actions that on the one hand support local businesses and promote local products, and on the other, provide financial assistance to organizations, vulnerable groups or individuals.

At the same time, we are promoting voluntary work in Mamidakis Group hotels, with the aim of protecting and restoring the natural environment, providing financial support for charities and associations for people with disabilities, and helping employees and members of their families with health issues.

Finally, we are supporting cultural initiatives that help increase the number of visits to the region and improve its cultural life.