Our history

Our history

For culture, in all its manifestations

The Foundation’s history began in 1988, at the Minos Beach Hotel, where Gina Mamidakis organised the very first Art Symposium. She was driven by the idea – pioneering for that time – that tourism should be a holistic cultural experience. In a single day, 32 internationally renowned sculptors, both Greek and foreign, created works inspired by the environment, and transformed the hotel’s gardens into a true open-air museum.

The unprecedented success of that first Symposium and the response that it received internationally, led it to be repeated at regular intervals, with a different theme on each occasion. The second Art Symposium, in 1990, concerned the “New Mediterranean Cultural Identity”, while the third, in 1993, focused on “Art in Politics”.

One legacy of the Art Symposiums was the creation of the George and Aristea Mamidakis Foundation, which Gina Mamidakis named in honour of her parents.

Since it was established in 1993, the G & A Mamidakis Foundation has hosted exhibitions featuring diverse forms of artistic expression, and has at the same time functioned as an “Art Ark”, preserving the works that are created and displaying them for the enjoyment of guests in the company’s hotels. The Foundation’s permanent collection, which is constantly being enriched, boasts dozens of works by leading Greek and foreign artists.

Furthermore, in recent years, the Foundation’s vision and objectives have been expressed not only through its interest in the arts, but also through other initiatives concerning culture in all its manifestations. The G & A Mamidakis Foundation participates actively in developments in the modern age and responds creatively to its needs, constructing a mosaic of culture-based activities to benefit individuals, society and the environment.



Milestones in our history

¤ 1988 1st Art Symposium

¤ 1990 Art Symposium: “A New Mediterranean Cultural Identity”

¤ 1993 The G & A Mamidakis Foundation is established

¤ 1993 Art Symposium: “Art in Politics”

¤ 1993  Publication: “Discover the unknown Crete”

¤ 1996 Exhibition: “Riches of Cyprus”

¤ 1999 Exhibition: “Chilean Art travels to Crete”

¤ 2006 Exhibition: “Mechanics”

¤ 2007 Photography Exhibition: “Places and People in the 1960s”

¤ 2007 Publication: “Places and People in the 1960s”

¤ 2008 Start of Environmental Actions

¤ 2008 Publication: “Art Collection 1993-2008”

¤ 2011 Publication: “Crete in Black & White”

¤ 2012 Publication: “Discover the unknown Rhodes”

¤ 2013 Creation of Lovegreece.com