Mamidakis Family

Mamidakis Family

A Cretan story

George Mamidakis was born in a small village called Anoskeli, near the town of Kissamos in western Crete. He trained as a surveyor and began his professional career in the Topographical Service.

During the German occupation, he was a member of the Resistance.

His first business venture involved the production of rose oil. A few years later, his intelligent and bold approach opened the door to communication and economic cooperation with Russia in the oil sector.

Mamidakis & Co was founded in 1955 and was very active in the field of bunkering (refuelling seagoing vessels). With the creation of 540 service stations it distributed petroleum products throughout Greece. Until 1983, it supplied Greece’s state refineries with crude oil, using its own tankers.

In 1973, the Mamidakis Group imported Lada cars into Greece for the first time.

Far-sighted and with a deep love for Crete, the island of his birth, George Mamidakis bought the Minos Beach Hotel at Mirabelou Bay in 1974. He later bought two other hotel complexes.

A multifaceted personality, George stood out for his values, decency, gallantry, acumen, honesty and inexhaustible humour. Aristea Mamidakis was born in Chania and was the fifth child of the hoteliers Gregory and Maria Chalkiadakis.

As a wife, Aristea Mamidakis was never in the shadow of her husband George, but always by his side. She worked with him closely and continued to work in their companies with the same passion after his death.

Strong but at the same time gentle, sweet and demanding, generous and practical, she instilled the values of family, morality and dynamic creativity in her two daughters, who continued developing the Mamidakis businesses. In later life, she took great pleasure in helping to raise her six grandchildren.