Scripta manent

In many regions of Greece, most notably Crete, the spoken word is of prime importance, yet “written words remain” and are valuable repositories of memory for future generations.

It is for this reason that the G & A Mamidakis Foundation has expanded its range of cultural activities to include a series of select publications.

The collection so far includes lavishly illustrated catalogues from the Art Symposiums and Exhibitions organised by the Foundation, as well as two travel guides to the unexplored corners of Rhodes and Crete.

A journey through Greek mythology

In 2016, the G & A Mamidakis Foundation launched a series of educational publications to help spread Greek culture, linking it in a practical way with tourism. The first book in the series, devoted to Greek mythology, was published in Greek, English, German and Russian. It contains the main Greek myths about the birth of the gods and the origins of mankind, and tales of heroes, including the Iliad and the Odyssey, while at the same time emphasising the mythology of Crete. The short but elegantly-written text is accompanied by original illustrations inspired by red and black figure vases of the 6th and 5th century BCE.

Texts: Katerina Servi – archaeologist-museologist, writer

Illustrations: George Tzavaras

Design and pagination: Oyster Communication Design Ltd

Printing: Alta Grafico S.A.

“Mechanics, Parmakelis”

This catalogue contains works by the distinguished sculptor Giannis Parmakelis, which were presented in Crete at the Minos Beach art hotel and concern his works under the theme “Mechanics”. These are creations in which Parmakelis moves on from an intuitive understanding of the natural world to new and increasingly precise “mechanical” forms. The world that they comprise reflects the technological present and makes perceptible our knowledge of modern reality.

Genaral Editor: Takis Mavrotas

Translation: Alexander Zaphiriou

Proof Reading: Eric Sofras

Design and Artistic Layout: Maria Stefossi

Photographs: Maria Stefossi, Yannis Vacharidis, Yannis Glynos

Printing, Binding: G. Detorakis SA

“Agios Nikolaos – Places and People in the 1960s”

This book of artistic photographs is also a valuable repository of bygone memories. These previously unpublished works from the archive of Dimitri Papadimos, which were first presented at the exhibition of the same name in 2007, are taken with an experienced and sensitive eye. The images they show are of the Agios Nikolaos of the past, and include photographs taken during the shooting of Jules Dassin’s “He Who Must Die” (“Christ Recrucified”), the film that made Kritsa and Agios Nikolaos famous throughout the world.

Photography: Dimitris Papadimos

Artistic Layout: Maria Stefossi

Texts: Maria Sorou, Mathilde Pyrli

Translation: John o’Shea

Printing and Binding: Vivliosynergatiki SA

“Art Collection 1993 – 2008”

This album presents original sculptures and installations by distinguished Greek and foreign artists from the collection of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation. The works, photographed in the spaces where they are exhibited, make up a colourful kaleidoscope of creativity for all contemporary art lovers.

Artistic Layout and Photographs: Maria Stefossi

Additional Photography: Augustinatos Images, Dmitri L. Coromilas, Chris Keeley, Vangelis Rokkas, Constantin Tzelios

ISBN: 978-960-98384-0-5

“Discover the unknown Rhodes”

After the guide to eastern Crete, the idea of mapping unknown aspects of popular tourist destinations continued with this guide to Rhodes. The contributors to the publication researched, recorded and photographed, and then turned their experiences into a practical guide dedicated to all those who want to travel heart and soul.

Texts: Judith Lange

Photography: Judith Lange, Maria Stefossi

Design and Layout: Maria Stefossi

English Translation: Julia MacGibbon

Color Separation, Printing and Binding: Vivliosynergatiki SA

“Crete in Black and White”

This book contains a series of unique black-and-white photographs which were first exhibited at the Minos Palace hotel. Opening it is like taking a tour of the island, focusing on features both large and small: from the earth, stone walls, trees, slopes, roads, beaches and olive trees to the hidden villages, coffee shops, natural springs, churches, mills, grapes, flowers and birds; humble elements that together make up the greatness of Crete.

Photography: Μαρία Στέφωση

Translation: John o’Shea, Sabine Laas, Зоя Ромбу

ISBN: 978-960-98384-4-3

“Discover the unknown Crete”

A lavishly illustrated, practical guide that highlights more or less unknown places and sights in eastern Crete. With this book, visitors have the opportunity to visit archaeological sites, monasteries, villages and gorges, and to get an authentic taste of this relatively unexplored part of Crete.

Texts: Judith Lange

Photography: Judith Lange, Maria Stefossi

Design and Layout: Maria Stefossi

English Translation: Julia MacGibbon

Proofreading: John o’Shea

Printing and Binding: G. Detorakis SA

ISBN: 978-960-98384-3-6

“ArtBook 11, 3rd Minos Beach Art Symposium”

This publication features works created for the third Art Symposium on the subject of “Art in Politics”. The creations of the 22 participating artists reflect a range of perspectives on the future of art, both optimistic and pessimistic, in the light or in the shadow of the cultural reality at the dawn of a new century and a new millennium.

Publisher and Art Director: Dmitri L. Coromilas

Photography by: Vangelis Roccas, Constantin Tzelios, Friederich Fink, Chris Keeley

Texts: Alexandra Boutari, Dmitri L. Coromilas, Lorand Hegyi, Elzbieta Koscielak, Olga Mala, Katalin Neray, Nicolaos Zoroyiannides and additional texts, the artists’ statements

Graphic Coordinator: Vassilis Efthimiou

Lithography by: Vivliosynergatiki

Year Published: 1993

“ArtBook 8, 2nd Minos Beach Art Symposium”

This publication presents the works of sixteen artists from Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, who took part in the second Art Symposium on the topic of a New Mediterranean Identity. As Dimitris Koromilas, the creator of the exhibition, comments, the artists “clearly embraced the challenge of creating a revitalised cultural identity that can and does distinguish their art both at the level of ideas and at the level of feeling, from that of northern Europeans”.

Publisher and Art Director: Dmitri L. Coromilas

Photography: Chris Keeley, Friedrich Fink, Constantin Tzelios

Texts: Anna Psarouda-Benaki, Demosthenes Davvetas, Lucrecia de Domizio, Dmitri L. Coromilas, Rosa Queralt, Beral Madra, Efi Strousa, Marisa Vescovo, Salim o’ Rock, Handan Börüteçene, Andrea Fogli

Phototype setting: set Antoniou

Lithography by: Vivliosynergatiki

Year Published: 1990

“ArtBook 4, Minos Beach Art Symposium”

The publication that accompanied the first Art Symposium at Agios Nikolaos in Crete. Immortalised in its pages are works by the 32 major Greek, European and American artists that took part in the event, most of them created in situ. The thread that connects them, apart from the conversations between them in the particular space, are that they reflect a quintessential characteristic of the last 25 years of the 20th century in art: diversity and pluralism.

Publisher and Art Director: Dmitri L. Coromilas

Photography by: Chris Keeley

Lithography by: Karavateli Bros

English Translation: Cox and Solman

Texts: Dr. Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan, Emmanuel Mavrommatis, Achile Bonito Oliva, Pierre Restany, Thomas Messer

Year Published: 1988