Art Symposiums

Art Symposiums

Art unites people, places and cultures

An interest in contemporary art is part of the DNA of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation. Indeed, it was essentially created out of a love of art and a deep desire to promote and protect freedom of artistic expression.

To this end, the Foundation organises Art Symposiums with an international reach, while remaining open to various kinds of action that aim to create links and dialogue between the arts, the environment and people.

3rd Art Symposium

Exploring the relationship between art and politics

The third Art Symposium, entitled “Art in Politics”, was held at the Minos Beach Hotel in the summer of 1993. The idea for the approach came directly from Boris Yeltsin’s rise to power and the imminent breakup of the Soviet Union. The event also coincided with international celebrations marking 2,500 years since the birth of democracy.

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2nd Art Symposium

Seeking a new Mediterranean cultural identity

The title of the second International Art symposium held in June 1990 at Minos Beach in the Cretan town of Agios Nikolaos was “A New Mediterranean Cultural Identity”. The investigation of the theme began with 16 artists from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Turkey, each of whom added a new three-dimensional work to those already adorning the hotel gardens and beach, creating the first visual allusions to the topic of the symposium.

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1st Art Symposium

Launching a new institution

The first Art Symposium was held in June 1988 in Agios Nikolaos, Crete, at the Minos Beach Art Hotel. Thirty-two artists and five speakers from Europe, Greece and the United States met in a public arena, working and creating together in an exclusive landscape of sand and rocks, greenery and trees, ideal for a modern sculpture park.

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