2nd Art Symposium

2nd Art Symposium

Seeking a new Mediterranean cultural identity

The title of the second International Art symposium held in June 1990 at Minos Beach in the Cretan town of Agios Nikolaos was “A New Mediterranean Cultural Identity”.

The investigation of the theme began with 16 artists from Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Spain and Turkey, each of whom added a new three-dimensional work to those already adorning the hotel gardens and beach, creating the first visual allusions to the topic of the symposium.

At the same time, six world-renowned experts spoke on the search for a new Mediterranean cultural identity in contemporary art and the need to rally around it.

The symposium concluded with the finding that the Mediterranean is once again a theatre of new values with important implications for the whole world.

Conceived and organised by: Gina Mamidaki

Exhibition waw curated and the Symposium was coordinated by: Dmitri L. Coromilas

Publisher and Art Director: Dmitri L. Coromilas

Photography by: Chris Keeley, Friedrich Fink, Constantin Tzelios

Location: Minos Beach art hotel, Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Duration: 9/6-31/10/1990 & 1/5-31/10/1991

Participating Artists: Nicos Alexiou (Greece), Stephen Antonakos (USA), Hadan Börüteçene (Turkey), Lucilla Catania (Italy), Pepe Espaliú (Spain), Andrea Fogli (Italy), Giorgos Giparakis (Greece), Serhat Kiraz (Turkey), Antonio Musella (Italy), Rena Papaspyrou (Greece), Vettor Pisani (Italy), Soledad Sevilla (Spain), Antonio Sosa (Spain), Panayiotis Tanimanidis (Greece), Theodoulos (Cyprus) Costas Varotsos (Greece).

The Symposium Speakers: Demosthenes Davvetas (Greece), Lucrezia De Domizio (Italy), Dmitri L. Coromilas (Greece), Beral Madra (Turkey), Rosa Queralt (Spain), Marisa Vescovo (Italy), Efi Strousa (Greece).