“When you live in a place you unavoidably become one with it. It shapes you and you carry it within. It’s what inspires you. For us, at the G & A Mamidakis Foundation, the primary objective is to promote, protect and develop Greece’s culture.

Because culture is everything. Culture is history, environment (natural and manmade); it is art, it is hospitality, it is society, it is people. In the final analysis, culture is the way in which you interact with the past, the present and the future.” 

Gina Mamidakis

Our Vision and Mission

The future begins with the past

The G & A Mamidakis Foundation takes as its starting point the conviction that evolution is the key to success. It is driven by a love for Greece, culture and beauty; respect and awareness of the environment; an interest in society as a whole; and the desire for ethical business practices, holistic development and the spread of knowledge and skills to future generations. The Foundation thus sees it as its duty to create today the conditions that will help Greece and its people face the future with confidence, openness and viable and attainable dreams.

Ideas that become reality

The mission of the G & A Mamidakis Foundation is to devise, coordinate, foster and implement programmes and actions that are consistent with its vision and concern the arts, people and the environment.
Its objective is to highlight Greece’s cultural wealth, to promote and support its human capital in order to release its creative and entrepreneurial potential, to empower society through educational actions and training initiatives, to consolidate and enrich the links between tourism and culture, and to restore and protect the environment.